My Services


As a Psychotherapist, I specialize in treating depression and anxiety, attachment and trauma-based conditions, and in supporting individuals in navigating through significant life events. I see the process of therapy as one of close collaboration, working together to best understand your experience while simultaneously creating a pathway for change through increased personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Using a blend of compassion, acceptance and direction, my goal is to help you develop greater understanding, access existing inner strengths, and foster new ways of relating to yourself and to others that creates fulfilling and lasting change.

The majority of my clinical training and experience is in psychodynamic, systems, and attachment theory. I believe our past experiences, particularly within our families of origin, can provide context to understanding our current-day personal and interpersonal encounters. Yet I also believe that useful, effective action is needed to create the experiences we are seeking, as well as learning how to adjust the way we think about ourselves, others, and the world so as to open the door for new possibilities and hope. Together, we will map out a pathto help you discover the inspiration for and course needed to achieve lasting change and growth.

Clinical Supervision:

One of the greatest pleasures of my professional career is serving as a Clinical Supervisor to clinicians-in-training as well as post-licensed therapists. I believe that being a therapist is not an end-stage, but a process. Becoming a therapist is an ongoing journey of self-discovery coupled with taking risks to overcome fears, developing strong self-possession, and through personal exploration and compassion, being able to provide a nurturing holding space for clients to heal within.

As a Clinical Supervisor, I seek to create a safe, accepting environment that integrates self-discoveryinto the creation of a personal therapeutic style and approach. I see the supervisory relationship as collaborative: a place to ask questions, share ideas, express feelings and chart direction. It is a space to learn theory, technique and examine the effectiveness of interventions; yet, it is also a place to appraise your personal reactions to the work, explore transference and countertransference responses, and develop a deep appreciation for just how central the therapeutic relationship is in effecting healing and change.

Clinical Consultation and Training:

I have spent the past 21 years gratefully helping build and operate a comprehensive, multi-level treatment facility for individuals and families with complex mental health issues. I certainly did not do this alone but through close partnership with other seasoned experts and specialists, collaboration I see as vital to both clinical and organizational management success.

These 2+ decades have afforded me the opportunity to develop an expertise in working with families where mental illness has predominated in the system. This kind of work requires heart and clinical skill, and also the understanding and use of our own family of origin dynamics to effect deep and lasting healing in the families with which we work. In kind, I have also had the opportunity to be part of creating and nurturing an organizational atmosphere of integrity, curiosity and a deep commitment to professional and personal growth that facilitates the healing processes of the individuals and families with which we work.

Having the fortune of being a therapist, director, owner and now a consultant for the Hanbleceya Therapeutic Community, I’ve experienced first-hand the magic possible through authenticity, stretching outside comfort zones, and the reciprocity of helping while allowing oneself to be helped. A culture where transparency, vulnerability and love are invited and celebrated can yield some of the most powerful and reparative personal and professional growth experiences imaginable.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in individual and group training, seminars, and/or small and large group facilitation on clinical and organizational strategies such as:

  • Understanding and incorporating the role of individual and group Transference and Countertransference themes as a means of broadening clinical training and creating organizational health.
  • The establishment and facilitation of Multi Family Support Groups to enhance and fortify individual and family treatment efforts.
  • Using a system of mentorship and supportive accountability as a style of organizational management and leadership.
  • Developing creative and experiential Group Supervision Modalities for therapist development and growth.
  • Guiding practitioners in how to support families in Establishing Reasonable Boundaries as a means of launching their dependent adult children.
  • Deeply appreciating the “well-sibling” experience and more effectively incorporating siblings into the treatment process.